Palm Beach and Broward County Home Stager and Organizer Services

Available Services

InStyle Home Staging offers a variety of professional home staging services to Homeowners, Realtors, Builders, Banks, and Investors; we’re flexible and want to work with your time frame and budget. If you need assistance with a service that is not listed below, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We may have the resources to help you.

We primarily serve clients in Palm Beach and Broward counties.

Walk through Verbal and written Consultation:

We walk through the subject property while writing down our recommendations for easy cosmetic repairs, light fixture replacement, painting needs, furniture placement for good traffic flow, deep cleaning tips; editing your photo collections, curb appeal, etc. Afterwards, we’ll provide you with written copy of our recommendations. The general charge for this service is billed @ $150.00/hr.

Home Staging Service for Occupied Homes:

If the home is occupied while on the market, we will work with and edit the seller’s furniture and provide any additional accessories, if needed, to create an inviting, cohesive look to the décor. The pricing of this service depends on the size of the property, the number of rooms staged and whether accessories are included for rent. We’re happy to provide a no-obligation staging proposal for your property.

Home Staging Service for Vacant Homes:

Using our extensive furniture inventory, we can stage a vacant property to ensure that it’s appealing to your target buyer. We usually recommend staging the main “impact” rooms of the home, but if your budget permits any or all areas of the property will benefit from staging. We’re happy to provide a no-obligation staging proposal with 3 options for your property. The proposal will include a 30 day price with a monthly extension, a 60 day price with a monthly extension, and a 90 day price with a monthly extension. The longer the commitment the lower the monthly fee is.

Paint Color Consultation:

Need help selecting just the right interior or exterior paint colors? Whether you’re selling your property or staying in it, we can find just the right color that works with the existing elements – billed @ $100.00/hr.

Shopping Service:

If you’re too busy to shop for home décor and aren’t sure what’s needed to improve the look of your home, we can do the shopping for you. Using our expertise, we can find the items you need, deliver them to your home and properly arrange them to fit the space; shopping service is billed @ $75.00/hr.