Four Reasons to Hire a Home Stager

Benefits of Home StagingAre you planning to put your home on the market? You may think that getting ready for potential buyers is a simple matter of tidying up any clutter and running the vacuum, but in fact the process is more complicated. First impressions matter, and a home stager can help.

Here are some reasons to hire a home stager:

Home stagers can be more objective about your home

We know you love your family snapshots, but believe it or not, they can put off potential buyers. The reason? Too many personal items make it hard for buyers to envision themselves (rather than you) in the home.

A home stager can view your home objectively and decide what to display and what to store in order to attract buyers.

Home stagers see your home’s potential

A home stager can show your home to its best advantage. Because you see it every day, you may not realize the optimal configuration of the space. The home stager will also know exactly which paint colors, finishes and other touches will make your home look its best.

Home stagers have a network

A home stager knows how to quickly (and inexpensively) find painters, cleaners, handymen and off-site storage.

Your home will command a higher price

The longer your home stays on the market, the more its price will drop. A home stager knows what makes homes sell quickly.

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